Finishing Your School Year On A Positive Note

By Dulce Mercado

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Now that we’re in the Spring semester I know we’re all itching trying to bump up our sad GPA from the past semester. If your GPA isn’t looking too hot right now there is no need to worry! A little makeover can fix that.

Getting through a semester with good grades really isn’t as bad as we make it seem. There are a couple of things that you can consider doing in order to help yourself finish your school year on a good note. Burnt x will lead you to success!


Procrastination is seriously the main reason why people fall behind and end up with poor grades. Not doing things in a timely manner and leaving them off till the last minute is only leading you to failure. When you get an assignment ahead of time at least work on it little by little that way it doesn’t feel like such a drag when the deadline starts creeping up on you.



Time management is KEY! Having your day planned out helps things run much smoother for you. If you have a hard time getting things done or you feel like there is not enough time in a day you should definitely invest in a planner. It keeps you organized and ready to go. Put your school schedule in, then your work schedule and jot down your assignments as well. After you have that down go back and organize your day. Make time to do your homework, assignments, studying and any extra things you have going on. You will feel such a relief after getting yourself together.


I know its really difficult to get straight A’s, especially at UT. However, it is not impossible! A lot of students don’t take advantage of office hours with their professors or teaching assistants. Many professors actually enjoy office hours and getting visits from their students. It shows interest. If you’re not quite clear on a topic from class go talk to your professor about it. If you’re not too happy with a grade you got go talk to your TA. They are there to help you. Though a grade change may not always happen, you may get lucky with some extra points. All it takes is to try and show that you’re putting in effort to get the best grade you can. So shoot for an A and make it happen!



Don’t get too lost in the cluster of work or stress. Allow yourself to have “me” time. Make sure you’re staying healthy, eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising. Working out stimulates your brain and has been proven to help improve academic results. Get your blood flowing and feed your body the nutrients it needs. Lack of self-care has too many negative aspects. You don’t have enough energy, you start feeling moody, your judgment is clouded, you don’t feel motivated. It’s all just so negative. Take care of yourself. Be nice to yourself. Love yourself. It will make the bad things not seem so bad. Let yourself breathe and keep the good vibes going.