Feels: Float Balloons I’d Like To See At The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Krystal Cruz

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A typical celebration of Thanksgiving to me means getting together with your family and friends, stuffing your face with mashed potatoes, and watching the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This year marks the 90th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and over ten thousand people will be participating in it on the streets of Manhattan. I have watched this parade on broadcast ever since I could remember and always anticipated what the floats will consist of year after year. For the most part as a kid I always wanted my favorite cartoon character to appear in that parade, but as I get older my float wishes become more particular.

Here are the five floats I would like to see at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

1. A Large Price Tag

I would like some preparation for the only thing bringing me down after Thanksgiving, and that is the sad truth of price tags during Christmas shopping. I would like to see the negative turn into a positive with a cute, larger than life reminder of the slow decline in my bank account balance. RIP Money.

2. Chinese Takeout Box



I’m tired of the huge turkey balloons in the parade. Not only do their beady eyes make me feel guilty for what happens to turkeys on Thanksgiving, but I think it is time to thank the true food heroes: Chinese takeout.

3. An “I Voted” Sticker



The 2016 election was marked one with the highest voter turnout in modern history. Although results did not end as some had hoped, I think it is important to celebrate those who voted in their first election. Also, I would like to see the sticker make a comeback from all the Instagram posts during voting.

4. Kermit The Frog



This float has definitely been done before in the parade, but this time I anticipate its popularity for a different reason: internet memes. Whether it be Kermit with a cup of tea or with his evil twin in the black hood, everybody would be tweeting about his big reveal in the parade. I wouldn’t be surprised if a picture of his float became a meme itself.

5. A Single Cheeto Puff

After everything that happened with the results from election day, I need hope that not everything orange and dusty is evil.