Beauty And The Beast/Giphy

First Live-Action “Beauty and The Beast” Trailer Released

By Krystal Cruz

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It’s time to break out your magic mirrors and tissues, because the first trailer for the live-action “Beauty and The Beast” is out!

After the release of some photos earlier this month from the set, Disney nerds everywhere were freaking out. Following the photo release, leading lady Emma Watson posted the first trailer on her Facebook page with only a couple of rose emojis. Needless to say, it didn’t fail to make us teary-eyed with excitement.

Emma Watson isn’t the only recognizable actor/actress in this film’s cast list. Stanley Tucci (best known in his role as Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games) will be playing Candenza, a new character in the story whom is a grand piano described as a “neurotic maestro.” Emma Thompson, who you might remember as Professor Trelawney in “Harry Potter”, will be playing our favorite teapot Mrs. Potts. Even Gandalf himself, Ian McKellen, will be in the film as the little grumpy clock Cogsworth.

The film will premiere in March 2017. If you need something to look forward to with the end of 2016, watch the trailer below!