Ken Bone: American Hero or Just A Red-Sweatered Fool?

By Alex Purcell

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Ken Bone might not be the valiant fellow we thought he was.

After his sudden rise to fame, Ken Bone’s face littered our Facebook News Feed and Twitter page. The warm, delightfully mustached guy in the red sweater was everything we wanted in a man- cheery and softhearted, with a tinge of mystery. He’s loyal, polite, and appreciates his mother’s opinion. What’s not to love?

As new evidence surfaces, there might be more underneath that red sweater than we initially thought.

When internet popularity is bestowed on anyone, there are a few procedures to sustain. One of those actions should be to delete any past Reddit comments that could definitely be classified as, uh, inappropriate. Ken Bone might have been just a little too casual on his Reddit opinions.

From dismissing the shooting of Trayvon Martin as “justified” to going into (too much) detail about the effects of a vasectomy on his sex life, Ken Bone kinda screwed up. He went from being a patriotic icon to a cringe-worthy embarrassment.

Sorry, pal. The Bone Zone doesn’t seem so appealing anymore.

To learn more (and see the snapshots of Ken’s Reddit comments), read Gizmodo’s article HERE.