Buzzfeed Names Round Rock Donuts Best In Texas

By Krystal Cruz

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If you hadn’t heard already, Austin takes their breakfast foods quite seriously. I think we can all agree that breakfast taco destinations are great, but donut shops are definitely the pride and joy of Austin.


Gourdough’s, Angel Donuts and Treats and Voodoo have people lining up and out the door every morning, but, according to Buzzfeed, Round Rock Donuts takes 1st place in the hearts and minds of everyone in Texas.





Round Rock Donuts is best known for its huge, Texas-sized donut that is nearly the size of a steering wheel. At the price of $6.99, they always have their giant sized donuts available for purchase on the daily. Locals will guarantee that the orange-hued glazed donut may be the best in the world, and the love is reflected in the data collected by Buzzfeed.


The ranking is based off a compilation of Yelp reviews that ranks an algorithm comparing the number of reviews with how many stars it received. And while this might not be accurate in the hearts of all Texans, there are plenty of fans that will defend their favorite breakfast food.


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