Ways To Get Through A Rainy Day

By Angela Bonilla

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Rain has come to Texas after a long and hot summer.

Rainy days means having a good time in your dorm or apartment and just relaxing. Even though you can catch up with homework, here is a list of other things you can do instead.

1. Netflix

Catch up on your favorite shows or just binge watch a whole series.


2. Sleeping

Catch up on your sleep or take a good nap.


3. Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea

Drink a hot beverage to warm you up. Check out a recipe for hot chocolate, HERE.



4. Read a book

Read a book or comic that you have on your list. You can read the Harry Potter series, “The Hunger Games,” or go with a classic like “The Great Gatsby.”


5. Listen to Music

Jam out to your favorite artists or albums.

6. Watch YouTube Videos

Spend hours in the black hole of YouTube videos.