Ryan Lochte Gets Support From Other DWTS Contestants After Protest

By Krystal Cruz

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Dancing with the Stars has been all the talk on the internet, and the stars are gaining more attention than the dancing.

There has been some criticism centered around suspended Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, who was the center of a Rio Olympics scandal when he lied in a police report about Rio Police Officers threatening him at gunpoint. He was caught in his lie when security footage showed that he actually vandalized the gas station in Rio.

Lochte has stated several times in interviews that he decided to join “Dancing With The Stars” to try and get a second chance after letting people down.

During his first performance of the season, two protesters interrupted during the judges’ critiques. They were sporting anti-Lochte T-shirts that said Lochte’s name in a crossed out circle and chanted “Liar.” The Protester seen on camera did not touch or threaten Lochte, but security proceeded to tackle him and escort him out of the building in handcuffs to be arrested.

After the live show was cut to commercial, dancer Derek Hough ran out to the audience where more protesters were sitting and asked them to leave. Arrested for trespassing, the two men who confronted Lochte on stage were released Tuesday.

Following up to this week’s episode, Lochte was in shock and broke down during an interview when he remembered seeing his mother’s face in the audience crying during the protest. His fellow contestants refused to stay quiet and wanted to show support to Lochte. At the end of his performance, dancers and contestants (Rick Perry and Terra Jolé) stood on stage with Lochte wearing shirts with his name in a red heart.



Contestant Amber Rose spoke out to ABC news about the protest and said,“Everyone makes mistakes in their life, and it’s just not fair that somebody came out and ruined his moment. I’ve been around Ryan, and I think he’s really amazing and he’s a super-nice guy. It was just really unfair, and it made me sad for him.”



Former “Brady Bunch” star Maureen McCormick said, “I think it’s really sad that things like that happen. I’ve made a ton of stupid mistakes in my life. We need to just forgive people and move on.”

After the protesting incident, US Weekly was told there was increased security for Lochte during tapings of the show. Before the show started, audience members were warned that the show has “zero tolerance” for profanity, inappropriate behavior or attire that violates the dress code and DWTS has the right to remove people who violate these rules.

Needless to say, Lochte’s reputation is still working on gaining trust back, and no one knows what might happen next in the ballroom.