Longhorns Place In Top 25 Teams Of The AP Poll

By Acacia Coronado

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After a phenomenal, nerve teasing and stomach churning game Sunday evening, the Longhorns are back! The 50-47 win over Notre Dame proved that Texas fans can have faith once more in UT Football. Nevertheless, Longhorn followers were not the only ones impressed with the team’s progress.

USA Today

USA Today

In a recent Associated Press poll, the University of Texas’ football program was ranked for the first time since 2013. The poll described the currently top twenty five teams in college football. UT was named number eleven, marking a significant rise in the program’s quality. This is the first time that UT has made the list since Charlie Strong became coach.

The poll is based on the public’s votes so it accurately reflects a newfound confidence in Longhorn football. Each team is awarded 25 points for being voted first place and one point less for each lower place. The University of Texas’ football program received 743 votes.

However, the poll consists of weekly voting, so it is still unknown if they will maintain their position. Saturday’s home game against the University of Texas at El Paso could contribute to their ranking. Should they win, it could lead to rising in the poll.

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