Pokemon Go Already Bigger Than Tinder, Instagram

By Acacia Coronado

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It seems people would rather catch a Pokemon than a date!


While Nintendo’s Pokemon Go was released only five days ago, it has been downloaded more times than the popular dating app, Tinder.


The high demand was somewhat expected, but even the creators of the app must be surprised at the swift popularity. In statistics from July 8, the app was already reaching Twitter’s popularity and is said to be used for longer periods of time than Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.


Android Community

Android Community


Does this mean that this new video game has taken over the age of communication? Or has the virtual world simply permeated into reality? The game, which is like a massive scavenger hunt, essentially brings Pokemon to life through your phone’s camera. It’s features also allow players to battle, although interaction between users is still very limited.


However, according to KEYE TV, people are using the game to ask fellow players out. Although the game does not allow for users to virtually speak, it can be used as an ice breaker. One can easily spot fellow players walking around when they aim at their phones at Pokemon.





While the app continues to grow, Pokemon fans have found a new way to interact. The app encourages people to go out and exercise while experiencing an augmented reality. It is a path to finding neighbors with a common interest and motivates people to communicate in person.


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