DWI Numbers Increased When Uber And Lyft Left Austin

By Krystal Cruz

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According to Austin Police Department, the number of DWI arrests have increased since Uber/Lyft left Austin. Reports show that there were 359 DWI arrests from May 9 this year, when Uber and Lyft left Austin, to May 31. When comparing those numbers to last year during the same time period, there was a 7.5 percent increase.

To the families of victims of drunk driving accidents, it is crucial that Uber/Lyft eventually come back to prevent injury and death.

Deborah Tatum lost her 20 year old son Greg after a friend drove drunk and killed him and another young passenger. Since Greg’s death, his family made it a mission to stop drunk drivers. Tatum mentions Greg’s brother, Brian, started driving for Uber.

“To take as many drunks off the road to save the families from going through what we’re going through,” Tatum told KEYE TV.

Tatum believes Uber and Lyft saved lives by giving a cheap and easy option for drunk drivers to get home safe. According to Tatum, by removing the option for a safe ride home, the increase of number of DWIs came as no surprise. “I knew the numbers would go up. Everybody knew the numbers would go up,” Tatum told KEYE TV.

The Austin Police Department issued a statement saying “Data set is too limited to draw any conclusions. However, anytime we experience an increase in DWI it is cause for concern.”

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