What To Wear To Beat The Heat: A Unisex Guide

By Siddarth Subramaniam

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Texas summers are always subject to change, as massive storms (as we’ve seen in the past month) and periods of drought (as we’ve seen in the past few years) can really shake things up. However, regardless of whether it’s pelting or clear, we can usually rely on one thing during the summer: it’s going to be hot.


Walking down the drag like. via Giphy


In order to beat the heat, dressing down and choosing lighter fabrics is generally the way to go. Here’s a list of some places to shop if you’re in need for a bit of a wardrobe mod for the summer.


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Our first stop is right across from the West Mall. The last time you shopped for clothes at the Co-Op was probably during your first year on campus when you loaded up on overpriced UT swag, BUT the sale section is a haven during the summertime. Finding lightweight tees, tanks and athletic shorts is a given. Most of it is rocking the logo and colors that we all love. It’s easy, convenient and close-by.


2234 Guadalupe St. – via KUT


A little north of the Co-Op, you’ll probably be blindsided by another sales rack sticking out of Tyler’s. A bit higher priced, Tyler’s has a bit of a surfer, skater vibe in its apparel. Think fluorescent colors, name brands, and the Keep Austin Weird mantra. DEFINITELY summer style with the amount of tank tops, sun hats and durable footwear. It’s a great place to stop by and check out before heading down to Barton Springs Pool or Zilker Park.


2338 Guadalupe St. – via Austin CityVoter


If you find yourself in South Austin, you can take a trip down to Barton Creek Square, one of the closer indoor malls. If you’re looking for a place that’s trendy and affordable, Barton Creek Square has one of Austin’s two Forever 21s. The store has a wide variety of different clothing styles, sales happen on a regular basis, and it gets new items stocked quite frequently.


2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy – via Malls.com


Back towards campus, you might notice that there are few summer clothing stores within walking distance. One of the better ones nearby is Buffalo Exchange. It’s something akin to a thrift/vintage store, but it also sells new apparel. Like many of its kind, the store’s prices range a lot. Their newer items are usually a bit more pricey, whereas their recycled items can be a great value. Definitely worth a visit.


2904 Guadalupe St. – via Buffalo Exchange


A word of caution: if you ever get lost trying to figure out what to wear during the heatwaves, ask yourself “What would Daenerys Targaryen rock?”


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The last rule of thumb is to stick with lightweight materials. Although flattering, jeans might not hold up the best when it’s hitting the high 90’s. The more 100% cotton you have on you, the more cool you’re going to keep. Think plain t-shirts, lightweight pants and plain button downs. There’s a reason those items are more prominent during the summertime. Remember to stay hydrated, put on sunscreen on any exposed skin and stay comfy, fellow longhorns.


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