DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas For College Students

By Acacia Coronado

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For all of you college students that are busy loosing their minds over summer school, internships and jobs, it might be helpful to note that June 19 is Father’s Day. With that said, it is understandable that some people may be having breakdowns over what to get for their dad last minute with the little money they have saved. But fear not, for here is a DIY list of ideas for all you broke students and procrastinators.

Who ever said that gifts had to be store bought? If you’re feeling particularly artsy or severely short on funds, here are some DIY projects that would make any father, from Darth Vader to Father of the Bride, feel loved.

1. DIY A handprint wall sign for those students with siblings

2. Show your dad the memories you have built with these memory building blocks

3. Help your guardian relax with these beer themed coasters

4. A picture can be worth a thousand words with this easy to make frame with scrabble letters

5. What dad doesn’t feel like a zombie when helping pay for college? Help him out with a zombie survival kit

6. For those fathers who are living examples of hard working, thank him with this customized hammer

7. Make a superhero gift for a superhero father

8. Let him know that he was an inspiration with this lessons learned booklet

9. Surprise your dad on Father’s Day morning with a breakfast of champions by learning to make these Nutella pastries

10. For dads with a sweet tooth, here’s an easy way to make a s’mores basket



As stereotypical as the phrase may seem, the truth is that whatever gift you choose, it is the thought that will ultimately count. Dads like to feel warm and appreciated by their children, so whether it be a simple card or a store bought gift, the most important part is taking the time to show fathers that we remember and appreciate them on this and every day of the year.