Reporter Removed From Fox Sports After Insulting Latina Valedictorian

By Kayla Meyertons

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This Monday, Fox Sports removed reporter Emily Austen after a video was released of Austen making racist comments about Mexican, Chinese, and Jewish people.

The video was part of a Facebook broadcast for Barstool Sports, in which the 27-year-old reporter, among others, made degrading comments about Crockett High School valedictorian Mayte Lara Ibarra, who recently revealed that she is an undocumented immigrant.

As the tweet went viral, it instigated a wave of criticism and racist comments from strangers in the Twittersphere. According to The Washington Post, some critics claimed Ibarra was “stealing” the scholarship of a legal citizen and went so far as to threaten to deport Ibarra. As a result, Ibarra deactivated her Twitter account.

In the midst of this chaos, Austen told her co-hosts in the Barstool Sports broadcast, “I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart.”

Austen added, “The Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in the class,” and Jewish students are “stingy”.

Fox Sports clearly disproved of Austen’s comments and told reporters that she would not be appearing in future broadcasts.

“We were made aware that Emily Austen appeared in a social media video unaffiliated with Fox Sports in which she made insensitive and derogatory comments,” Fox Sports Florida General Manager Steve Tello said in a statement. “She was not speaking on behalf of Fox Sports, nor do we condone any of the statements she made in the video. Emily has been advised that her comments were unacceptable, and she is not scheduled to appear on any upcoming Fox Sports Florida or Fox Sports Sun broadcasts.”

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