10 Reasons To Leave Your Man And Adopt A Cat

By Walter Stager

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Are you dealing with an unhealthy relationship? Do you look deeply into your partner’s eyes nowadays only to have empty thoughts? Maybe you’re currently in the ninth circle of Hell with the Devil himself and finding life just too unbearable. Well if any of these wonderful hypothetical sentences have any relationship to your relationship, I have the solution to your problem.

So here are the top ten reasons to leave your man and adopt a cat.

cat dance dancing shaq shimmy

10. You still will never have to drink alone!

This very special libation is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau.” Although it has no real alcohol, the libation is made primarily from Cabernet grapes and catnip. The company that produced the beverage, B&H Lifes, is based in Japan and only produced 1,000 batches back in 2015. With a brilliant idea like this, who is to say they won’t produce more in the future!

9. They can replace even your favorite cuddle buddy

cat hugs

So after a long day of school, work and all the other BS life puts you through, who wouldn’t want to come home to find their favorite little guy or gal warming up the bed for you? With your new friend, you will never have to worry about that arm falling asleep, getting too hot or having to hear awful snoring. Just the sweet melodic sounds of a happy purring cat.

8. As low maintenance as you could get

cat funny cats lazy cat cat in sink

Cats are primarily independent and require little attention. Sure you’ll have to clean up a liter box, but I promise it isn’t half as shitty as your ex. So there’s a plus!

7. Probably the cheapest date you’ll get

the simpsons bart simpson cat season 14 cats

The cost of litter and food for your feline friend does seem to make some worry, but let me put this in perspective for you. Say you go out every weekend for a movie or just even dinner once a week. You’ve already probably spent more than half the cost of litter and cat food for a month. With that extra money who’s stopping you from treating yourself? Not your feline friend!

6. They do great jobs of judging character

cat fun

Need help filtering out the bad from the good, but don’t want to come off as petty? No problem! I’m sure your furry friend will have no problem resenting the undesirables for you.

5. LTR

love cat baby nuzzle

Commitment is hard, but with a cat you’re basically guaranteed a relationship for 15 years.

4. They will ALWAYS listen and be there for you

alixmcalpine cat sad crying tears

No matter the circumstance, whether you’re having a bad day or just feel like venting, you will always have a captive audience to hear you out. Just don’t expect much feedback unless you are fluent in meows.

3. They’re always willing to offer a helping hand

cats help

From the most trivial thing, such as waking you up in the morning, to directing traffic and changing tires, your feline friend has got your back!

2. They dream as big as you

cats athletes squee reminder cat food

No matter what aspirations and goals you may have, there is always comfort in knowing you don’t have to take the leap alone.

1. If one thing is certain, there will always be a mutual understanding 

show cats dogs ok rob

show cats dogs ok rob

show cats dogs ok rob