Feels: Why You Need To Get Out Of Your Academic Comfort Zone

By Siddarth Subramaniam

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There’s nothing better than getting used to your part of campus: engineering majors cordoning themselves off on Speedway, communication students on W Dean Keeton, and natural science kiddos holding fort in Welch.

Regardless of your area of study, once you get into (or close to) your major, you have a tendency to get comfy not only with your location, but with the material you’re studying. Although some professors, parents, peers, and the like will tell you it’s good to buckle down on a single aspect of academics, I’m going to tell you why I think they’re wrong.


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Now I do believe your major should be your focus during your time at UT, but we, as students, have a tendency to completely shun material we found displeasing in high school.

Prime example: I’m an advertising major who was keen on the fact that I wasn’t going to touch anything biology related (due to a rough patch in the 9th grade), while completing my degree. This was before I blindly signed up for “Age of Dinosaurs” during course selection, which I didn’t think was going to be solely based on evolutionary biology and memorizing ordinal names, but more like Jurassic Park. I was wrong.


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Although the course was completely different from my field of study, with hours spent studying for exams and labs at the PCL, I never once felt like I was wasting time. My professor was keen on helping us understand the material at hand, and making us think like paleontologists out in the field.

Yeah, it was tough, but the skills I got from being in a lab setting, analyzing scientific journals and poring over dinosaurian anatomy can be and have been cross applied to literally all of my other courses. Sure, the material’s different, but a course far away from your major can help you look at learning through a completely new lens.




The main takeaway? There are so many different courses and subjects. Although they’re not close to your major, they will help you out in the long run. This is the best time, at the best university, to expose your mind. You can do it. You’re a Longhorn.


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