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Lyft, Uber To Leave Austin After Prop 1 Fails

By Alex Samuels

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Proposition 1 failed Saturday night, which means ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft may soon leave Austin.


After the final election results came in, Uber announced it would stop operations in Austin at 8 a.m. Monday, May 9. Lyft said it would “pause operations” the same day.


Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who was against Prop 1, hopes to negotiate with Lyft and Uber.


“We want to thank the incredible Lyft community for all they’ve done to keep ridesharing in their city,” Lyft spokesperson Chelsea Wilson said in an emailed statement to the Daily Texan. “Thanks to each and every one of them, we took drunk drivers off the road, made it easier for residents and visitors to get around, and provided a flexible way to make ends meet. But we’re not giving up.”


According to the voting results, 56 percent voted against Prop 1.


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