Former UT Student Government Overlords Go ‘Off The Record’ With Wendy Davis

By Alex Samuels

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Is Wendy Davis the Wendy of Wendy’s Hamburgers? What are Wendy Davis’ views on campus carry? And how did Wendy Davis filibuster for 13 straight hours?! If these questions have ever crossed your mind, good news — your wondering ends today.


Former student body president and vice president, Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu, interviewed Democratic politician Wendy Davis, and posted the resulting video.



Highlighting important aspects of Davis’ life and career — including defining what a catheter is, finding out whether Davis really lives in Planned Parenthood and Davis’ cool new organization Deeds Not Words — our endearing Student Government burnouts hit us with their usual carefree, hilarious antics once again.


Check it: