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The Best Graduation Gifts For Your Best Graduating Friends

By Audrey Browning

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It’s the time of the year for full nervous breakdowns, tears, dance parties and job applications, otherwise described as college commencement season. If you have any friends about to enter the Real World™, you should at least give them a nice gift to distract from the existential dread they’re about to endure.

We’re sure you’re too busy with school to search for the perfect gift (we’ll allow you to believe that’s an okay excuse) so we’re making your life easier. Here are five great grad gifts for your best grad friends.

  1. Doge Graduate Tee

    This Doge meme graduate tee from HUMAN will have your friend such wow-ing. Much deal for a great good shirt.

  2. Netflix Subscription
    netflix gift card

    Amazon (we added the message)

    Because your entire residence hall shares a Netflix account, your new Grown Up Friend will be expected to get their own. Guess what? You can gift someone a Netflix gift card from Amazon. Helpful hint: the “standard” subscription is $9.99 per month.

  3. Wine Glasses
    Bed Bath and Beyond

    Bed Bath and Beyond

    Please tell me literally one thing more adult than MATCHING WINE GLASSES. Help your friend impress their new professional friends and “friends.”

  4. Physical, Printed Photographs
    rickandmorty / Giphy

    rickandmorty / Giphy

    This one may make your friend cry, but having tangible memories of college (and you) is really important. Real adults generally have photo frames, so they need things to replace the fake family the dollar store put in there. You can print all sorts of photo things here.

  5. A Signed Book


    Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” may be a cliche graduation gift, but it’s always effective as a last-ditch effort. Make it special by having your friend’s favorite people – friends, professors, bartenders – write a message somewhere between the covers.