Pet Puppies For Free At These Austin Locations

By Dani Matias

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Being a college student is hard.

You’re expected to do so much in so little time and at the end of the day you come home to an empty, sad apartment. Sure, you might claim to have a teddy bear or a snow globe that keeps you company, but we all know those don’t count. Just admit that you abandoned your favorite pet back home and instead chose an education.

But don’t let that stress you out too hard, Austinites. We have found fantastic places for you lonely animal lovers who can’t afford or maintain a dog while being in college!

Nat Geo/Giphy

Nat Geo/Giphy

Austin provides numerous dog-friendly places that allow you to pet, sit and laugh with, talk to, play with, feed and cuddle next to dogs. Red Bud Isle, Rufftail Runners, Banger’s, Auditorium Shores and The Picnic On Barton Springs Road are known as the best places to visit with dogs for free.

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