1980s 6th Street Was Not So Different From Today’s

By Krystal Cruz

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It turns out 6th Street in Austin, TX has lived up to it’s nickname, “The Dirty Sixth”, for at least 30 years.


Recently found footage from 1984 exposes 6th street “small town feel” before the trendy restaurants. Yet the bar-filled roadway’s “small town” appearance, didn’t stop Austinites of the time from being “obscene.” Parts of the video showed graffiti on the walls and locals talking about their favorite clubs and places to hang out.


The streets were clad with classic ’80’s fashion, including sequined dresses and dad jeans with polo shirts. From the looks of the video, I wouldn’t say what happens today — crazy partying, heavy drinking and inebriated people tripping over inebriated street performers — happened back then, but there were some risqué things going down.


In the video, you can see friends having a good time laughing and dancing to music they could hear from outside establishments, which is something that mimics partiers today.


Watch the full video below to get a glimpse of Sixth Street in the 1980s!



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