Healthyhorns Video Asks Longhorns About HPV

By Krystal Cruz

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If Healthyhorns is not sending daily alerts and tips, or handing out freebies around campus, the University of Texas at Austin organization  is working to shed light on topics that affect the health of longhorns.


Healthyhorns posted a video where students Xavier Rotnofsky and Connor Hughes took to the streets to ask Longhorns what they know about the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The responses were surprising, as most of the students interviewed did not know much about HPV other than the fact that it is a STD and that it is not cool.


Healthyhorns’ student reps immediately set the record straight  for confused students asking,“Oh wait, you mean the HPV cable?” and clued them in on one of the most common sexually transmitted infections.


Watch the full Healthyhorns video here.


And remember Longhorns, “Spread information about HPV, don’t spread HPV.”