5 Cosmetic Tips For All Of Us Basics Out There

By Danielle Leighninger

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Makeup is completely up to you and what you are comfortable with. On days I have class or work, my makeup is minimal. On date nights or on evenings I’m on the town, I go all out with my makeup—I’m talking contour and everything. There might be a stigma around makeup, but I say it’s just a way to express yourself. It’s art. Who cares what people think? Do you.

Here are some tips that’ll save you from health issues or just plain embarrassment when you first start dabbling in the makeup world.

1.Wash your brushes


Probably the most important thing to remember is to wash your brushes. All kinds of shit get on them and then you are wiping that all over your face day after day, it’s just nasty. Wash them at least once a week. Your face will thank you.




Pro tip: Buy good brushes. The cheap stuff is not good for your face and doesn’t last as long. If the brushes are shedding on your face, they aren’t the good kind. If you are as obsessed with makeup as I am, invest in good brushes. They will last forever and help your makeup go on better.


2. Blend, blend, blend


This is an important step, ok, ladies? You need to blend. Nothing is more embarrassing than going out with bronzer streaked across your face and foundation all out of whack. Blending is your new best friend whenever you start doing makeup.




Pro tip: The beauty blender is life. It is amazing and works wonders. It will blend all the makeup on your face and leave you looking flawless.


3. Wash your face


Do not, I repeat DO NOT, put makeup on a dirty face. Always wash your face before putting anything on. If you don’t, that’s how you get acne. You are potentially covering up all the dirt and sweat in your pores with more makeup. It will clog your pores and cause pimples.




Pro tip: Use an exfoliating face wash. It will clear your pores of all the nastiness and even clear away dead skin so your makeup will go on more smooth.


4. Use the good shit


That should be obvious. Your makeup is an investment. Who said being beautiful is easy? Or cheap? Higher-end makeup tends to be better for your skin than makeup from CVS. As my momma always says, you get what you pay for.




Pro tip: It depends on what you buy but some makeup is okay to get from CVS. I will buy false eyelashes and lipstick from drugstores, as those are less likely to cause infections. Other eye makeup, I would spend more money on because you need to be careful about what you put around there. Foundation should be an investment because better quality foundation will be better for your skin.


5. Use YouTube


When I was first learning how to not screw up my makeup, I would watch YouTube tutorials. It’s good for searching things you are not sure about—like how to put on eye makeup or how to contour. Practice makes perfect.




Pro tip: Michelle Phan makeup tutorials on YouTube are my favorite.


Some brands that I am in love with are Mac, Nars, Urban Decay and Too faced. Kat Von D lipstick is pretty kickass too.