Avoid Traffic Before SXSW by Working From Home

By Jenah Forey

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For the sake of the usual slow moving and congested weekday traffic, Austin mayor Steve Adler is asking employees to work from home the Friday before South by Southwest.


With President Obama’s Interactive scheduled for the afternoon, there’s an added volume of traffic anticipated that could collide with rush hour.


The mayor has witnessed the effect of a president’s visit before saying, “nobody moves until he’s ready,” including himself due to the direct route cleared for the president. Adler suggested other means of transportation for those still planning to be downtown, which include CapMetro and riding a bike. He says this plus enough people working from home, “would [make] a remarkable difference on our streets.”


More on the mayor’s request can be found here. With all this talk of working from home, doesn’t it make you wonder if this also means students can “work” from home on Friday and school will be canceled? Please?


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