Spider-Man Swings Into “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer

By James Preston Poole

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Thursday morning, the new “Captain America: Civil War” trailer dropped with a look at new  characters and familiar heroes battling it out, to create the Marvel formula we all know and love.





The world has had it with the destruction caused by the Avengers and are instituting a new set of accords to keep the heroes in line, something that Captain America doesn’t like but Iron Man does.


Cue tons of quick action movement ending in a money shot of two teams coming together for an epic battle. Title flashes. Cool trailer.


But wait….there’s more.


After the title shows, Tony Stark calls in his support…..who shoots a web from off-screen and swings into view revealing him to be Marvel’s new interpretation of Spider-Man played by Tom Holland!


The swing heard 'round the world (

The swing heard ’round the world (


If that was not exciting enough, his costume looks straight out of the comics.


His spider logo is finally smaller, his costume looks hand-made, he’s played by a younger actor, and his eyes are actually expressive via lenses in his mask!


With so many interpretations of Spidey already existing I’m personally very excited to see them take such a different route.


How do you feel about the new Spider-Man making his debut in “Captain America: Civil War”? Watch the trailer below, and let us know!