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Feels: 10 Reasons Why This Article That Hates On Austin Is Dead Wrong

By Krystal Cruz

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Sure, Austin isn’t for everyone—just like New York, Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles aren’t for everyone. But that doesn’t make them the worst cities in America.

It’s easy to hate on a city where you probably dedicated all but a weekend. But I’m here to set the record straight about a recent article that mysanantionio had the audacity to publish.

They recently cranked out “10 reasons to hate Austin beyond its breakfast taco arrogance” which stabbed me in the heart being a Austinite. Instead of targeting a city in defense, I would rather tell you why these reasons shouldn’t make you hate Austin.

1. “Austin traffic sucks.”


Busy traffic means one thing: A BUSY CITY. Of course driving stinks when you’re stuck in traffic, but if you’re looking for an interesting city with interesting things going on, traffic is inevitable.

2. “It’s too expensive to live there.”


Spending extra money often means getting prime location, location, location. Austin’s real estate runs on where it is. If you want to live in the midst of the city life, expect it to be a little more in demand and higher in price.

3. “If you want to do something, prepare to stand in line. Forever.”

Think of standing in line like waiting for a carnival ride. Great things take time and standing in line for something means there is greatness at the end. Waiting in line just becomes part of the experience, because you’re less likely to get something great out of walking in and out of a restaurant (Can you imagine the quality of something made so quickly?)

4. “Everyone and their mom has a picture in front of the “I love you so much” mural on South Congress.”


What is so wrong about expressing a little love or having a touristy picture for your social media accounts? This opportunity supplies your mom with a Facebook profile picture that isn’t your baby picture or a flower.

5. “”Keep Austin Weird” is a lie.”


“Keep Austin Weird” is not necessarily a promise that there will be fire eaters or bearded ladies at every corner. Instead it’s a promise that Austin likes to do things outside of the norm. Like priding on locally owned stores, restaurants and musicians.

6. “The title of “Live Music Capital” is also a lie.”


Austin Bergstrom Airport has live music upon arrival. The city hosts a million music festivals and hosts little performances at every street corner.

7. “Despite that, Austinites keep the perpetual “we knew about (insert musical artist here) before you” attitude.”


I have met many Austinites’ who are enthusiastic to support local artists. Taking pride in knowing about them in their journey to fame isn’t a bad thing. It shows how Austinites will be with you through thick and thin.

8. “The city’s famous Sixth Street bar district is a vomit-laden hellscape from which there is no return.”


Sixth Street is Mordor. Sixth Street is Narnia. Sixth Street is the place for adventure and the setting of every crazy story you will tell people at cocktail parties. People like a good adventure, whether you come out of it having the worst experience ever or come out of it saying, “That was insane. Let’s go again next weekend.”

9. “People from outside of Texas act like Austin is the best and only city in Texas.”


Austin is so beautiful and has so many things going on at once that it is near to impossible not to want to visit. Why is this a bad thing? I promise you nobody in Austin will discourage you from passing by and visiting the other appreciated Texas Cities. ROAD TRIP.

10. “Worse: Austinites believe they’re in the only city in Texas.”

Once you become an Austinite, it doesn’t necessarily become the only city in Texas, but it becomes the one closest to your heart and “home” is the only word that feels right in describing it.