Give Leo His Damn Oscar Already

By Kayla Meyertons

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With the Oscars premiering tonight, I know what we’re all thinking:




American actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated five times for an Academy Award, and tonight will be his sixth nomination for his performance in the 2015 thriller drama The Revenant.

In the film, DiCaprio stars as legendary frontiersmen Hugh Glass, who, after a series of unfortunate occurrences on a hunting trip, survives a bear attack and lives to tell the story.



Now, if that isn’t badass enough, let’s not forget DiCaprio’s fucking incredible job in The Wolf of Wall Street. Receiving both Best Actor and Best Picture nominations as the producer of the film, Dicaprio killed it in his role as the millionaire mongrel Jordan Belfort. Two years later, we’re still fist-bumping our chests with the occasional “caw!”.



More importantly, young Leo was every girl’s heartthrob in the late 1990s for his role as Jack Dawson in the 1997 film Titanic. Even though he did not receive an Oscar nomination for this film, DiCaprio starred in one of the most highly-grossing movies of all time, and today, Jack and Kate reign as one of the most talked about couples, just like Brangelina (or should I say Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston).



This year DiCaprio is up against Eddie Redmayne, Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranston and Matt Damon for their respective roles in The Danish Girl, Steve Jobs, Trumbo, and The Martian.

That’s a preeetty good competition, if I say so myself.



In an interesting turn of events, DiCaprio won’t be the only one on the edge of his seat tonight. It appears the rest of the world is anticipating his victory as well, as numerous Facebook events in different countries have popped up since his nomination.

For example, the Facebook event “If Leonardo DiCaprio wins the oscar, everyone meets at the Spire” is set to kick off Monday, Feb. 29 from 6-9 p.m. in Dublin, Ireland to celebrate his victory.

The summary of the event writes, “In conjunction with other events that will be taking place in Barcelona and Madrid, we decided to host a national gathering in Dublin and show our support for Leo. Spread the word and make this go viral. C’mon, let’s go crazy together!”

In other words, two major European countries, Spain and Ireland, are prepared to turn up on a Monday if Leo finally wins the Oscar nomination.



An article released from TheFlama.com reveals that at least 13,000 people are planning to “rage in Mexico City” in honor of Leo’s win and The Revenant‘s Mexican director Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu.



A community page has also started up on Facebook titled “Leonardo DiCaprio– Give That Man An Oscar.”



The Golden Globes recognized Leo’s A+ performance in The Revenant earlier this year. Now it’s up to the Academy Awards to follow suit.

Come on, just look at that handsome face.