How To Make A Stay-cation A Vacation

By Sydney Mahl

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Every college student’s dream and every parent’s worst nightmare is almost here, otherwise known as Spring break. The words Panama City Beach or Gulf Shores have the capability to strike fear into even the most relaxed parent.


According to a survey by, operated by Orbitz Worldwide, roughly 50 percent of American college students will travel for spring break, seeking the warmer weather of places like Alabama, Florida and Mexico.


If you’re in the unlucky 50 percent of students who will not be “enjoying” questionable beverages on sandy beaches, life sucks. 

Just kidding.  Here’s five tips to make even the most dismal sounding spring break just as epic as, well, an actual spring break.


Rent a new place


AirBnb that ish, baby.  Nothing screams vacation like a change of scenery, even if it’s an apartment a couple blocks away.  Invite a few of your friends who are still around and have a movie night or a dance party.  Document the whole thing on Snapchat to show those spring-breakers what they’re missing.


Road trip


Never, ever underestimate the power of the road trip.  Grab some good music, some unhealthy food because hey, no beach bod necessary, and a good friend or two (preferably those who don’t get car sick) and go get your kicks!


Explore your surroundings


Leave no stone unturned.  Whether it’s as simple as finding a new burrito place because again, who needs that beach bod (hint: not you) or discovering a whole different side of your town, get out there and sightsee so when everyone gets back from the beach, you’ll know all the latest places to take their sunburned selves.


Do that ___ you’ve always wanted to do


Redecorate.  Read or write that book.  Go volunteer at the local animal shelter.  You’ve got a week just for you, so get the ball rolling.  Not only will you get a ton accomplished, but you’ll have experienced so much more than those attending daily parties on the beach.




Work with me here.  Breathe.  Yes, I mean unplug.  Phone, computer, gaming systems—everything.  Take some time to notice your surroundings and unwind from a hectic semester and midterms.  You deserve a break.