Feels: Underrated Majors

By Sydney Mahl

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It’s hard to ignore the shift in the academic world favoring business, mathematic, and scientific fields.  Six figure salaries are in and so are the majors that help attain them.


But what about the majors that fly under the radar?  The ones that make people assume law school or a Ph. D is part of the plan. Majors that make engineering students raise their eyebrows and fear for their GPA. The majors that most likely won’t make six figure salaries in the real world.


However, what people fail to see is the intricate diversity necessary to support the workplace, the collaboration between two seemingly opposite career paths could make a project or product all the better.


Without journalism, we may have never exposed Watergate, and the news we depend on to make informed decisions might not be readily available.  Without art, we might lose the ability to make sense of our complex emotions and an output for our creativity.




One of the best ways to show the devastating conditions during the Great Depression is through Dorothea Lange’s photographs of the time period — not through graphs or equations.


Not everyone was made to be a Biomedical Engineer or the “Wolf of Wall Street.”




And that’s absolutely the way it’s supposed to be.  Who would publicize medical advances to the public, or educate them about the rollercoaster that is the economy?  Sure, maybe journalists, artists, or humanities majors might not be the ones inventing a cure for cancer, but who would know if there was one without them?


It’s easy to see that the success, or maybe even failure, of certain occupations are easily tied to underrated majors.  One’s major does not always equal one’s intelligence, but what does equal intelligence is picking a major you love, not the salary.