The Mug Life– It Chose Me

By Sarah Noor

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Sometimes we’re comfy in our dorms and don’t want to go out for food. No problem! There are easy, microwave mug meals for days; check them out.




  • Muffin: Throw in some blueberries and this is an uber healthy, power food– right?

    Heather’s French Press


  • Quiche: The word itself has pizzazz; imagine how good it must taste.

    Full Thyme Student


  • Cinnamon Roll: Treat yo self?

    Imma Eat That


  • Banana French Toast: We’re going bananas for this sweet breakfast treat.

    Steph’s Bite by Bite


  • Oatmeal: It’s technically fall, so anything cinnamon-y and warm is good in our book.

    Food Whine


  • Pancakes: All the fun and no fancy skillet skills needed.

    Kirbie Cravings



  • Mac and cheese: Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the basics.



  • Salmon: This is for the days when you need a little “gourmet” in your life.



  • Meatball Stew: It makes good use of leftover vegetables or meat in the fridge.

    From Val’s Kitchen


  • Butter Chicken Pot Pie: This is a twist on an Indian classic, complete with naan crust and spiced chicken.

    Host The Toast


  • Eggplant: 10 minutes is all it takes to make this.

    Fitness Treats


  • Polenta: No, it’s not a “granny food.” Yes, it’s delicious.

    Three Clever Sisters


  • Chicken fajitas: These can be mug-made, too, with a little creativity.

    Mom Spotted


  • Meatloaf: The single serving is ideal for sudden meat cravings (which totally happen).

    Taste of Home


  • Risotto: Why go to pricey Italian restaurants when this can be made in 25 minutes at home?

    Tastefully Julie


    For more mug meals, click here! Snap us your mug creations!