Lewandowski With Another Five-Star Performance

By Nick Del Villar

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By now, everyone remotely knowledgeable about European football is aware of the brilliance of Robert Lewandowski.

Anyone questioning his dexterity should refer to his Borussia Dortmund days in the video below, when he scored four goals against Real Madrid in the semi-final of 2013’s edition of the UEFA Champions League, and the gif above, when he scored that terrific volley against Arsenal.  


This time around, it was five goals. IN NINE MINUTES.



That’s the fastest anyone has managed to do that. What’s also important to note is that it came against none other than Wolfsburg, the current holders of third place and last year’s Bundesliga runners-up, which by the way had not conceded a single goal in their last four matches. The Volkswagen-owned outfit (this was a tough week for Volkswagen) fielded a strong line-up and even opted for two defensive midfielders in the form of Luiz Gustavo and Joshua Guilavogui.

This, however, clearly didn’t stop Bayern or Lewa, as fans adoringly call him; the only excuse Wolfsburg perhaps have is the fact that Dante was playing. Context: He was the starting center back in Brazil’s infamous 1-7 defeat to Germany in last year’s World Cup, replacing captain and defensive fortress Thiago Silva. Apart from that, to put it concisely, he’s one of the clumsiest center backs that still plays on a top European team.

The Polish striker came on at halftime with his team, Bayern Munich, down 0-1 at home only to flip the script of the game entirely within 15 minutes. He scored his first goal in the 51st minute and his last in the 60th. The last of which was the cherry on the cake not only to complete the five-goal mark but also in the quality of the finish.

Almost as good as the goal was his coach’s reaction:

We’re just as shocked as you, Guardiola, if not more.