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Four Years On The Forty Acres And Other Good Numbers

By Sydney Mahl

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The four-year graduation rate is at an all time high, with 57.7 percent of students cracking the code on timely graduation.  Yes parents, you read that right.  Your student could be one of the lucky 57.7 percent.  What’s that I hear?  A deposit in the retirement fund?

Not only is the graduation rate on the rise, but so is the retention rate, rising from 93.2 to 95.5 percent from 2011 to 2015.  Feel free to speed up transforming Junior’s room into a gym with all that money you’ll be saving with a successful four-year graduation plan.

UT Austin’s goal by 2017 includes a 70 percent four-year graduation rate, which President Fenves feels is possible based upon the increase of 2.6 percent as compared to last year. 

“We will continue to work hard to help students graduate on time with a high-quality education”

And finally, an increase in student body diversity has been reported, with the new UT 19 class made up of 22.1 percent Hispanic students and 5.3 percent African American students.  Approximately 25 percent of the class of 2018 will be the first to earn a college degree if they continue their education.

With graduation and retention rates at their best, it looks like that goal is more attainable than ever.

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