How To Spot A Fake Uber Driver

By Brittany Shulman

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Cavemen walked everywhere.

Our parents took trains and buses where ever they needed to go.

And our generation? We Uber.

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Uber is an app that allows users to request a driver with just a one click. Born in 2006 and arriving in Austin in 2014, Uber is cheaper, easier, and faster than hailing a cab.

There have been concerns, however, with Uber drivers not being… the most upstanding of citizens. – i.e. murderers and rapists. Uber has been working, in light of these claims, to make passengers feel more safe, including more background checks and tips for riding safe.

Some Uber users near the Texas Christian University campus in Forth Worth must not have gotten the memo.

Early Sunday morning, two girls got into a car where the driver claimed he was an Uber driver. The girls had not requested a ride. They got in anyway.

This isn’t the first time someone has impersonated an Uber driver to get people into their cars. Thankfully, both girls are safe and unharmed… this time.


For those that use this rideshare app, here are some tips to make sure you stay safe:

  1. Know that an Uber will never just “show up.” In order to take an Uber, you have to call for it on the app.

  2. When you order the Uber, you receive the driver’s first name, picture, car make and model and license plate number. Before you get into the car, make sure the car matches the description on the app and then make sure the driver is the person pictured.

  3. You can share your estimated time of arrival with friends and they can track your trip. Someone can always know where you are.

  4. If you do have a bad experience with an Uber driver, whether they’re driving recklessly or harassing you, report it to Uber. They’ll respond within a few hours and work on fixing the situation. (Author’s Note: I have reported a few Uber drivers, from reckless driving to being vulgar to smoking cigarettes in the car, and Uber has always responded promptly and professionally.)

Ride safe, my friends.