Talk Shit, Get HIIT: How To Stop Avoiding The Gym & Start Embracing It

By Brittany Shulman

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Objectively, the combination of soreness, sweat and crowds makes my skin crawl.

Are we herding cattle in 100 degree weather at a Farmers Only meet-up?

Are we getting punched in the face during an intro-level college class being held outside in Texas?

Are we living in a trillion occupancy dorm room with no air conditioning or showers?

Thankfully, we’re not doing any of those. We’re going to the gym!

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Working out isn’t about losing weight or “getting in shape.” Working out is about getting healthy. Health isn’t a matter of weight. Health is about treating your body and mind right.

Obvi, exercise is good for your body – building muscle and maintaining weight – but it’s also great for your brain. Regular exercise can help mitigate the effects of stress, anxiety and depression as well as boost your grades in the classroom.

“But how the hell do I fit in a work-out when I’m taking 19 hours, working 3 jobs and starting my own business?!”

Well, young Longhorn… you have come to right place.

  1. Find a gym that meets your needs.
    On campus, we have Gregory Gymnasium, Recreational Sports Center and Anna Hiss Gym. Each one has different hours and is located in a different place. Wanna work out at 6 am? Check out Rec Sports. More of a 12:30 a.m. lifter? Try Greg. All facilities and their hours can be found here. You can also see what equipment and programs they offer on their websites. Don’t like any on-campus gyms? Here are some off-campus gyms close by:

  2. … Or don’t.
    There are so many home workout programs that can get you up and moving without leaving the comfort of your home. And not just P90X either. Check out this handy dandy list of workouts you can do at home in your pajamas.
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  3. Find a work-out buddy.
    Working out with a friend can make it easier for you to stay on track. Whether you guys are both physically going together or just texting each other with workout updates, having a buddy makes the workout experience more pleasant. Bonus: you’ll always have someone to spot you when you bench.
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  4. Pick a program that you can stick to.
    Working out can be confusing or annoying or feel hopeless. Find a program that you like and that you think you can stick to. By picking a program, you know exactly what you’ll do each time you work out and you’ll be able to document your progress with time (if you want). has some cool programs. (Author’s note: Don’t be afraid of lifting!! It’s fun. I started a lifting program this summer and I absolutely love it.)
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  5. Make it a routine.
    Pick a time of day to do exercise things and do it then. It’s that simple. There are benefits to both working out at night and in the morning. Pick whichever one fits in better to your schedule. Treat working out as something you have to do and not just something you should do. You’ll be amazed and how easy you’re able to fit it in.
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Go forth and be healthy, Longhorns. It only takes about 2 months to make something a habit. What starts at the gym changes the world.