10 Things You Could Buy With The Proposed UT SG Budget

By Brittany Shulman

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It’s all about the dolla billz, y’aaaalllllll.

Last night, the UT Student Government budget for 2015-2016 was announced. SG will be allotted $112,820 for the school year, which will be confirmed at next week’s meeting.

giphy (84)


This money will go toward things like stipends, special projects, agencies and more government-type things to better the campus. But what if it didn’t have to?

Here are 10 things UT SG could buy instead of using the allotted funding for SG purposes:

  1. 427 iPads
    giphy (85)

  2. 24 Bred Heifers in Highland County
    giphy (86)

  3. Pay off 1,504 tickets for unauthorized parking on campus
    giphy (87)

  4. 4 round-trip tickets from New York to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific Airlines
    giphy (88)

  5. 44,417 Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, which is almost enough to feed the entire UT undergraduate population
    giphy (89)

  6. 578 Big Tickets
    giphy (90)

  7. 14,102 half-gallons of Blue Bell ice cream
    giphy (91)

  8. 106,433 Lunchables
    giphy (92)

  9. 266 pairs of Gameday Texas Longhorns Cowboy Boots

  10. Tuition for 22 semesters at UT Austin for undergraduate studies
    giphy (93)


Or you know, they can just go ahead and use the money to make campus better. We support that too.