Feels: Wait, Why Are You A Woman Against Feminism Again?

By Jahnavi Muppaneni

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Women have come a long way as they continue to make an impact in U.S. communities, businesses, education, health care, politics, media, military, science, etc. The list is far too long, and I say this with great satisfaction.

It’s fulfilling to see these independent, driven women join forces with each other and work toward equality.

However, they get slapped in the face when other women (powerful celebrities or just regular people) look at them as feminists – not in a “whoa, you advocate for women with an end goal of equality?” but as an “Oh, you can stop being a man-hater and making us look whiny and pathetic.” Sorry that some women are not cut out to just make men sandwiches and are proud of that fact, I guess?

If you ever happen to come across the Facebook group Women Against Feminism (which I hope you won’t have to), you will find this Facebook page has more than 30,000 community supporters of women who are against feminists and the idea of feminism itself. It coincides with a Tumblr page of the same name that has been trending with anti-feminism waves among women posting thousands of photos since July 2013.

Women against feminism vs. feminists – a little confusing right? However, it’s exactly what it sounds like. They describe themselves as “women’s voices against modern feminism and its toxic culture. We’re judging feminism by its actions, not by dictionary definitions Not an MRA page, sorry.”

People backing up and fueling groups, like Women Against Feminism, contribute to modern feminism receiving a negative light and being portrayed as something it isn’t. Feminist movements are being seen as constricted and unambiguous due to such groups completely lost in their understanding of feminism. They are taking away from the core values and intentions of feminists – to secure a world where men and women are socially, politically, and economically equal.

I mean, just look at some of these ridiculous posts…


Some see being a stay-at-home mom a privilege…

So you don’t care that about the women who have to work for a living who earn less than men for doing the same amount of work?


How would those “poor Saudi girls” feel if they saw girls who live in a country, founded on the notion that “all MEN are created equal,” going against a movement which works to promote equality?


So, you don’t care about your reproductive rights? FYI, that’s what the “War On Women” refers to…


You’ve never heard the phrase “She’s just a woman?” Does that count as someone’s opinions being disregarded because of their sex?

These women need some Beyoncé in their lives to teach them a thing or two.